Pool Covers

There are generally four different types of cover. The two types of automatic cover can be taken off and put back onto the pool at the touch of a button. Both designs of auto cover also have the benefit of added safety: although they can not be sold on outdoor pools as 100% safe, they do dramatically lower the risk to children and animals, should they fall onto the pool with the cover on.

slatted floating cover by Lincoln Pools

The slatted floating cover generally referred to as a 'rolldeck cover' can be recessed into a cover housing at the end of the pool, and at the push of a button floats over the pool surface. This type of cover can also be housed at the end of the pool, above water level, in a custom made housing; when activated, it floats over the pool surface.

tarpaulin type pool cover by Lincoln Pools The other type of auto cover is referred to as a tarpaulin type cover. This cover can be fitted in many different ways, by installing a track system that can be recessed under the coping, or fitted to the paving on unusual shaped pools. This cover will completely seal the pool from the weather elements and will naturally keep the pool very clean. This cover also has the benefit of added safety, but installed on an indoor pool can be classed as 100% safe, unlike the rolldeck type cover. Both covers have very high insulating and solar gain properties, so will keep your carbon footprint of the pool to a minimum.

solar swimming pool cover by Lincoln PoolsThe most common pool cover is referred to as a solar cover or bubble cover. This cover floats on the pool surface and due to the material used will give good solar gain during sunny periods. The cover is generally taken off the pool using a simple cover roller system; however, this can be automated using solar powered rollers which takes the strain out of removing the cover by hand.

The fourth is simply a winter cover or debris cover, used during the closed season. It is designed to keep as much debris from getting into the pool as possible, which if left, will decay over winter and make the start up of the pool in the spring much more difficult.