Swimming Pool Renovations

We are also specialists in swimming pool renovation, across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Renovating an old, tired swimming pool can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a new pool, making an immediate enhancement to your property and lifestyle.

Any shape or style of pool can be renovated effectively, thanks to advances in pool liner technology. Alkorplan On-Site Lining can be cut, tailored and welded to provide a brand new surface in a broad range of colours and styles. Steps and the most complex shapes can be accommodated easily.

The 1.5mm-thick reinforced membrane is highly resistant to ageing, can withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions, is protected against UV degradation, and has a life expectancy of at least 15 years. New Alkorplan pool liners are guaranteed for 10 years.

Renovation of pool surroundings, including outdated or damaged paving, can add to a dramatic transformation of your home and garden.  We can also update your pool equipment, liners and accessories as required.

We can also convert existing structures, such as ponds, to a swimming pool.

Below we show some examples of pools in the process of renovation.

welding Alkorplan lining to fit pool steps

Shaping and welding the pool lining to fit the steps of an old concrete pool; paving already renewed.

decorative options for swimming pool lining

A range of colours, decorative styles and finishes is available

Renovation of concrete pool with Alkorplan liner, Oxfordshire

The Alkorplan liner in the process of being fitted, and shaped to accommodate existing steps. We had also replaced the stone paving around the pool, and with further landscaping planned, the property and its garden will be transformed.

Alkorplan lining being fitted to old concrete poolAlkorplan lining to old concrete pool.jpg

Renovation of sprayed concrete pool, Oxfordshire

Lincoln Pools was asked to renovate this concrete sprayed pool, renew the tiling around the pool and on the steps, replace the paving surrounding the pool and fit new equipment, including cover.

Sprayed concrete swimming pool during renovationMosaic on swimming pool steps before renovation

Conversion of koi carp fish pond, Buckinghamshire

Lincoln Pools was asked to convert this massive fish pond into a swimming pool.  The pond was a uniform 8 feet deep and featured a sunken viewing area with glass panel, which we adapted to create steps into the pool.  Having prepared the pool, an Alkorflex liner was fitted.  The images below show the pool before conversion, and several stages of the project;  finally, we see the finished product, and the pool being enjoyed!  

Conversion of fish pond to swimming pool, BuckinghamshireConversion of fish pond to swimming pool, Buckinghamshire
Conversion of fish pond to swimming pool, Buckinghamshire
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