Pool equipment and supplies

  • Swimming Pool Covers
    • Solar covers and rollers
    • Automatic slatted covers
    • Winter pool covers
  • Swimming Pool Heating Systems
    • Gas, oil, electric or solar
    • Air source heat pumps
    • Ground source heat pumps
  • Chemical Dosing Systems
    • Auto chlorine system
    • Auto bromine system
    • Ozonators, salt processors, ionic purifiers, UV systems
  • Automatic pool cleaning
    • Baracuda Suction Systems
    • Polaris pressure cleaners
    • Dolphin electric robot cleaners
  • In-pool and Surround Lighting
    • Conventional Lighting
    • LED Lighting
    • Fibre Optic Lighting
  • Counter Current Swimming Units including Fluvo and Fastlane
  • Slides, diving boards and step units
  • Supplying Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

With many years experience we can specify the most reliable equipment for your project.

Solar Covers and Rollers

pool by Lincoln pools, with solar cover on roller

We can offer all types and specifications of Solar Covers, heat retention blankets and rollers to suit.

All can be tailored to individual pools.

Automatic Slatted Covers

pool by Lincoln Pools with automatic slatted cover

For added safety and ease of use we offer a range of automatic slatted pool covers.

These can be fitted in a below ground pit on new pool installations or as an above ground installation on existing pools.

Winter Pool Covers

We offer a full range of Winter covers with various fixing options tailored to each individual pool.

condensing gas heater from Lincoln Pools

Condensing Gas Heaters

The Genie range of Gas Condensing Pool heaters is one of the world's only condensing pool heaters.

Available in 36 kw (120,000 btu) and 49 kw (167,000 btu) outputs.

With an efficiency of up to 94% this can reduce running costs by up to 30% compared to conventional gas heaters.

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