Winter Shut Down

'Winterisation' and winter checks will help protect your pool or spa and equipment over the winter months.

October is a good time to think about closing your pool or Spa for the winter months.

If you haven't already, please contact us to arrange for our engineer to visit to winterise the pool.

Breakdown of Shut Down

  • Taking off Summer Solar Cover, cleaning and storing in shed / pump room etc
  • Cleaning the pool thoroughly,vacuuming out the debris to waste
  • Lowering the water level, taking 12 / 18 inches out of the pool to allow for rainfall over the winter months.
  • Draining down the filtration - pump/filter/heater etc to prevent frost damage
  • Chemically dose pool and spa with Hibernate algaecide
  • Fitting Winter Cover with straps and anchors to protect the pool in the winter months.

Winteriser visits start from £ 60.00

Winter Pool Check

We also offer a Winter Pool Check

Some winters we have experienced heavy snow and extremely low temperatures; in these conditions we offer a winter visit to check the pool water level, check chemical levels in the pool and investigate that all visual pipework is sound.

Cost per visit would be £ 60.00 plus V.A.T. Please note any chemicals used will be charged for accordingly.

Sand Change

In the winter months we also offer a Sand Change

In February it would be a good time of year to consider if the sand in your pool filter requires replacing. Sand should be changed every 3-4 years.

The cost of a sand change is between £110.00 - £180.00 plus V.A.T subject to the size of your pool filter. Note: If you book the sand change the winter pool check price will be reduced by 50%.

Please to arrange a convenient time for your visit.